I always fond with photos that covers a wide area.

Using the wide angle lens, we can obtain a broad picture and also an interesting angle.
However, to cover a very wide area, we should used 'stitch photo' or 'photo merge' technique, to combine several images that we take into one panoramic picture.

The thing to remember in taking this kind of picture is the shutter speed, aperture, focus and white balance settings that must not change in every frames. So we set the camera manually, or on some existing camera you have panoramic shots features, that automatically set it.

Greetings and thank you.

I took this image from the top sky deck of Roppongi Hills.
It was so windy and cold.


This is the view from the Shinkawa Apartment, Sumida Tower at 4 AM.
I was asleep and woke up catching the yellowish sky from the windows, get my camera and go out at the balcony, took 3 shot that I later merge in Photoshop.
It was so cold in Tokyo winter weather.


At Meiji's Shrine, 5 photos frame, like this...




Odaiba at night...








Slipi, Jakarta


From The Peak, Hong Kong